NCD Financial is a leader in providing innovative financing solutions for customers of all credit profiles. Our focus is working with customers who wish to make purchases from select retail outlets. We work with people from perfect to less than perfect credit.

NCD Financial has developed innovative ways to examine forward-looking credit criteria and not be reliant strictly on historical information. This unique model allows us to approve more people when other places won’t and take a more balanced approach to reviewing a customer for credit.

We began working with customers in 2006 and since then have grown to be one of the fastest growing merchandise lenders in recent years. Our approach is simple and has served tens of thousands of customers. If you’re looking to make a consumer goods purchase and want to finance it, then contact us today.

We've built a strong tradition of caring, commitment and personalized service that our customers can count on today and throughout their relationship with us. At NCD Financial, you can be sure our staff is committed more so than ever to helping you get to where you want to be.

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